About The West Australian Good Food Guide

The West Australian Good Food Guide is the country’s leading state-based restaurant guide and Western Australia’s premier guide to eating and drinking. Proudly independent and led by experience and expertise, the guide provides a comprehensive annual survey of the state’s best eating and drinking experiences, celebrating and promoting the hospitality industry on a local, national and global scale.

Reviews are all conducted anonymously and paid for in full, with no personal or commercial considerations affecting the rankings. Traditionally our annual survey of restaurants has resulted in three annual lists: a Top 50 Restaurants, a Top 25 Casual Restaurants and a Top 25 Bars. Together this forms a list of 100 exceptional eating and drinking experiences. These are announced at the annual gala, complemented by a suite of other awards. The 2021 Guide will see our most robust editorial team ever, with a vision to make the process and criteria more focused, more inclusive and even more exciting.

At its core, our commitment to promoting and celebrating our state’s food and drink scene is unwavering, driven by a spirit of excellence and a love for Western Australian hospitality.