The 2021 Guide sees the biggest change in years, with a list bringing bars, restaurants and casual venues together into a Top 100.

In the past we always kept things separate. One list for bars, one list for restaurants and one list for casual restaurants. From 2021, we’re bringing everything together into a Top 100.

We’ll still have categories, but a bar might land in the top 10 as readily as a fine diner. At the end of it, we’ll still have 25 bars, 25 casual and 50 restaurants, but they’ll all be combined in our Top 100, with the highest-scoring venues coming at the top of the list, no matter the category. We hope that this will reward what the venue brings to the state as a whole more than how fancy it is. We’re not saying we don’t reward the kind of excellence you see at fine diners, we’re just saying that being at the top end doesn’t guarantee a place at the top of the list.

Each review is based on at least one anonymous, independent visit to the venue, meals are paid for by us, scored according to our criteria, then fact-checked with the venue. Our goal is for each review to be as accurate and useful as possible, shining a light on those things that make the venue unique, and helping you to have a good time.