The reviews for this year’s guide were broken down into three areas.

Top 50

The Top 50 is about any venue that achieved a very high standard. It’s for all comers, so there are bars and even venues some might consider cafes in the Top 50 because stacked up against their contemporaries they deserve the highest recognition. They are ranked in order of excellence.

Top 25 Best Casual Dining

The Best Casual Dining rankings are listed in order of excellence. With such a diverse range of so-called casual dining venues, inclusions on the list can be anything from a café punching above its weight or a restaurant with a full wine list and cocktail offering but a more casual edge.

Top 25 Best Bars

The 25 ‘rock star’ bars that make this elite list are at the top of their game and are ranked in order of excellence. This list is a celebration of the vibrant and burgeoning bar culture in WA. With some of the most innovative food also coming from our top bars, our team reviews much more than just drinks, hence our two separate individual awards for Best Bar Dining and Best Bar.