We take scoring seriously, judging venues by criteria that reward excellence and interest, and put food and drink at the centre.

We run a rigorous scoring system that takes into account food, drinks, service and atmosphere, plus anything else that makes a venue stand out – it might be a kitchen garden, the connection to a community, sustainability or an incredible view. We’re also looking for venues that bring something to the WA scene, this might be celebrating the state through their produce or menu, but it might also be because they’re the only place in the west offering a particular style of cuisine, or the best version of it. If it makes WA a better place to eat and drink, then it’ll score well.

We’re also trying to judge venues on their own terms. This means that in every category we’re asking ourselves “is this place the best version of itself?” and “is it achieving what it sets out to do?”. These questions let us compare restaurants that have serious backers and million-dollar fit-outs with the spot down the road where you order at the counter.

Above all, though, it’s about the food and drink. If a venue succeeds on all other fronts, but doesn’t reliably serve good food or drinks, it won’t make the lists. If a venue is in our Top 100 or our Best Bars list, we recommend it, and we hope we can show you how to have a good time there.