Each restaurant is scored with three, four or five stars, based on a formula that judges food, general service, ambience and “X-factor” – the indefinable element that makes the experience memorable.

The most important aspect of this Guide, however, is the role of the expert, considered opinion of our team of reviewers. This year our Judging Panel consisting of The West Australian Food Editor Rob Broadfield, former Fresh editor and features writer Hermione Stott, freelancer and former The Sunday Times restaurant critic Gail Williams, WA Good Food Guide Co-Director and hospitality consultant Georgia Moore and expert wine guru Paul McArdle discussed, argued, discussed some more and finally came together to bring you this complete list.

No amount of complex matrixes or arcane scoring systems can replace the opinion of experts you can trust. All reviews are carried out in secret, no inducements are accepted and there is no link between content and advertisers. The integrity and independence of this publication is paramount. This is a Guide, so there are no ‘bad’ reviews: only different degrees of ‘goodness’. The West Australian is delighted to recommend to its audience each of these restaurants in this Guide. Where there are small systemic faults in food, service or wine list, we mention these in the review.