Each restaurant is scored with three, four or five stars, based on a formula that judges food, general service, wine list, wine service, ambience and “X-factor” – the indefinable element that makes a dining experience memorable. For the first time this year we put the same emphasis on food as we did for service, acknowledging that running a restaurant is a team sport and front of house is just as important as the back, if not more.

The most important aspect of this Guide is the role of our expert, experienced team of reviewers. This year our reviewing panel increased to 13 expert restaurant critics. Our experts have been reviewing virtually non-stop since late July. We prefer to leave our reviews as late as possible to ensure content is as up-to-date and relevant when we publish in late October.

We believe our reviewing and editorial standards to be the best. Other restaurant award schemes ask for payment from restaurants to be considered for reviewing and then impose outdated and complex assessment criteria in lieu of expert knowledge and good writing.

No amount of these complex matrixes or arcane scoring systems can replace the opinion of experts you can trust. The integrity and independence of The West Australian Good Food Guide is paramount. This is a Guide, so there are no ‘bad’ reviews: only different degrees of ‘goodness’.