When it comes to good times, Rodney’s Bait ‘n Tackle sure can throw down. Pull up a stool, take in the nautical stylings that cover every inch of the walls, sip a cocktail and soak it up. Don’t be fooled, though: even if the fit-out is busy, Rodney’s is a simple affair, where good drinks, good chat and live music combine in such a way that a night here is one you inevitably don’t want to end. The drinks – far better than the dive-bar atmosphere may suggest – have something to do with it. Order an Old Mauritian, for example, and see how light and dark rum are delicately blended with Earl Grey, pineapple and bitters. And there’s no skipping the Hot Buttered Bourbon or a decidedly on-theme Squid Ink Martini either. Plates are simple but effective, leaning heavily on local seafood, the beers are cold and the fish raffle is legendary. Never change, Rodney.