At Kommunity Brew’s boutique craft brewery near the Swan River, you’ll find gut-loving sparkling probiotic waters, herbal health shots, and cold-brew iced teas and coffees made here in WA. Despite being brewed for thousands of years, kombucha has become a staple of supermarket and café fridges, a probiotic brewed tea containing naturally occurring cultures, digestive enzymes, organic acids and antioxidants. All-natural, low-sugar and vegan. It’s now surpassed the traditional wellness crew, becoming mainstream to the health-conscious. 

For Kommunity Brew CEO and co-founder Mason Bagios, it’s about offering choice and access to healthier drinking options. 

“People are looking for healthy choices and functional beverages that fit both their lifestyle and their social lives, from casual entertaining and family celebrations to a refreshing afternoon lift,” he says. 

“We’ve all become more conscious of the sugar content in our drinks, which has led us to look for healthier alternatives. There’s also been a big shift in the nation’s drinking culture, with many of us exploring the benefits of alcohol-free days and being sober and curious. As a result, healthier beverage alternatives have become a staple on many a weekly shopping list.” 


Kommunity Brew was founded in 2015 by three best friends: Jarred Dickie (Operations Director), Mason Bagios (CEO) and Beau Neunuebel (Quality, Questioning and Craft Director). They shared a clean living philosophy and started with a mission to “Change Australia’s Drinking Culture”.

Starting in a Fremantle garden shed, Kommunity Brew now boasts more than 950 stockists around Australia. The company’s sustainably led brewery HQ is now in Lathlain and uses natural ingredients and Australian-sourced materials combined with traditional processes to create flavour profiles for its premium craft-brewed beverages. 


Director Of Operations Jarred Dickie with CEO & Managing Director Mason Bagios © JJ van Grootel

What to buy

Kommunity Brew’s range of kombucha and sparkling probiotic waters (water kefir) comes in flavours, including tropical hops, ginger turmeric, lemon myrtle, and hibiscus rose. They also sell probiotic health shots (that boost collagen, metabolism, energy, and immunity) and home-brew kits. 

Cold brew fans will no doubt lean toward the bold espresso of Cold Matter, which comes in a long black or caramel variety. The fruity Cold Matter cold brew teas infuse peach, passionfruit, watermelon, or mango flavours. The Sips sparkling water range leans towards citrus in blood orange or lemon, to the refreshing – cucumber and mint, raspberry, pineapple, and yuzu flavours. 


You’ll spot the distinctive Kommunity Brew, Cold Matter and Sips products in cafes, premium independent grocers, Coles nationwide, and the East Coast’s Harris Farms Markets, as well as at several bottle shops and bars. Or stock up online for easy home delivery.


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Images © Kommunity Brew

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