Beachside tequila, mezcal and tacos that hit hard on flavour.

The El Grotto experience is a familiar one: there’s a light-hearted South American disposition, a backbar loaded with agave spirits and a menu featuring a smattering of tacos. It’s the type of venue we all love but don’t think too much about, an approach to drinking and dining that El Grotto leans into – it’s laid back, with the beachside views to prove it. But there’s real skill here, too. A broad range of mixed drinks might fall within familiar territory but aren’t sub-par renditions at all. A Tommy’s Margarita is pitch perfect, and a Pineapple Mary rejigs a classic. Just make sure you leave room for a Mexican Pickle Back, or a nip of something special from the mighty tequila and mezcal offer behind the bar.