With an on-site market garden, this casual, beach-side restaurant provides the ultimate cue to eat your veggies.

There’s a certain magic in seeing a fully formed, and well-worked market garden from a dining room; seasonality laid out in tight blocks of verdant produce, with rescued fruit trees replanted to be harvested for another generation. 

Locally caught bream is near perfect in its execution, gelatinous and subtly flavoured.

While Coogee Common sprawls through a restored heritage building, the place doesn’t feel lacking in atmosphere, and the produce shines: leeks are licked with a subtle smoke and blessed with the sweetness of grilled allium, the addition of early season black truffle from Manjimup making it a seasonal meeting of the humble and luxurious. Chicken breast (or sometimes pork) with fermented chilli and Asian greens is a fiery outlier on a menu that often stays simple. See the locally caught bream, which is near perfect in its execution, gelatinous and subtly flavoured. 

Under the watchful eye of executive chef Scott Brannigan, Coogee Common has woven the garden narrative through everything it does, from a program of fermenting and preserving to using produce for non-alcoholic drinks. As you eat, the sight of gardeners harvesting for service is an ever-constant reminder that cooks are only the last stage in presenting great food.