The rundown on where to get the state’s hottest pies for 2024, whichever way you slice it. 

There’s so much scope in WA’s pizza scene that this list could run forever, but Monsterella is one place to start, the wood-fired oven turning out classics stacked with Italian sausage alongside hearty vegetarian options (think mushrooms glistening with infused truffle oil). At Pappagallo, the generous split of equally delicious red and white sauce pizzas puts paid to any tableside debates on the superior base. Il Locale in Scarborough, meanwhile, adds sauces to dip crusts into moreish Napoletana-style bases.

Weekend warriors head to Dank Pizza, where pizzas pass as breakfast (eggs, cheese and all), while those heading south make the customary pit-stop at Pizzica, which charms with its formidably stacked slices and its puccia, which is best described as pizza in the form of a stuffed sandwich.

Love a good pour? Head to Casa Pizzeria and grab a bottle to take away next door, or descend into the underground pizza bar Alfred’s Pizzeria, a pilgrimage for office workers and Northbridge-bound revellers. Then there’s Pretty Good Pizza, which punches above its namesake with crisp bases and nostalgic toppings. Si Paradiso’s oven continues to pump out blistered bases while their toppings – potato and Raclette, say – show the textural symphony that comes when tradition breaks borders. On breaking borders, over in Fremantle, Lola’s is serving slice-shop-style pizzas with Australian toppings.

Interested in Roman-style slices? Try Al Trancio in Belmont, which offers a legendary version loaded with porchetta, or head to newcomers Threecoins & Sons, which pay homage to Rome with a selection of pinsas – flatbreads topped with thinly cut discs of finocchiona, stracciatella made from locals La Delizia Latticini, and other Italian staples—that are pushing the definition of pizza as it’s known in the West, with excellent results.

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