Tom Kearney 2019 Winner

The best-looking bar in the world is nothing if its bar tenders are not up to scratch. The West Australian Good Food Guide Bar Tender Of The Year, celebrates the art, science and service style of our bar tenders.

What does it take to be Bar Tender Of The Year? You have to be able to curate a first rate and interesting catalogue of spirits. You have to have a well-organised bar and the pre-planning and managerial skills to be able to serve great cocktails, even when the punters are 10-deep at the bar. You must have a proper ice program. And, if a bar tender can’t make a faultless classic like a sazerac, old fashioned, whisky sour or gin martini he or she has no place winning this award.

Tom Kearney is all these things and more. He is a tireless innovator and a first-rate drinks maker. He has made significant contributions to the venues he has worked at over a distinguished career behind the bar.

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