Adam Rees 2019 Winner

The Young Chef of The Year award goes to a young person who has – in their few short years in the hospitality sector – demonstrated a commitment to the industry and to themselves as a future leader in the restaurant business.

This award is about highlighting those young people who, by their accomplishments and dedication, are an inspiration to all young hospitality workers and an example of how rewarding this industry may be to those who are thinking of planning a career in the restaurant or bar sector.

The Young Chef award winner is also a reminder that the energy, unbridled creativity and passions of youth are the strongest forces in our lives and careers and when properly channelled and allowed to flourish, set us up for life.

This year’s award goes to Adam Rees, a young chef whose cookery is innovative, clever, original and delightful.

He is a West Australian who has returned home to run a kitchen after working in a raft of celebrated kitchens in the eastern states’ capitals.

Adam is just 24 years old, but runs his kitchen like a seasoned pro, delivering food which, while casual, has wow factor to burn.

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