Moody aperitivo bar that makes you want to stick around and stay a while.

Volare has effortlessly picked up where its predecessor, Swallow Bar, left off, delivering heartwarming late afternoon cocktails, savoury bites and on point small plates which often morph into full-on dinner. Locals, along with interlopers from several suburbs away, cram into hand-stitched 1920s train seats in the front, the perfect spot for downing a House Old Fashioned twisted with rum and cognac, a or refreshing and bracing La Dolce Vita shaken behind the pressed tin bar. Venture into the courtyard and you’ll pass chefs whipping up cicchetti (small snacks or sides) like anchovies on toast or the house specialty, a lobster and ricotta mix piled onto pastry and topped with smoked roe. Wine pleases all comers, but its the aperitivi and amari that truly excel.