No other place does a cocktail with such a fetching name as Hillbilly Bob’s Ruckus Juice. It started out as the Handy Shandy and morphed into the bar’s signature spiced rum cocktail.

To find Mechanics, one of the finest bars in Perth, just head down a laneway behind the Alex Hotel and climb up to its rooftop terrace. It’s quirky and fun. Cocktails are well priced and there’s free WiFi.

No wonder regulars love it.

There’s heaps of good booze, bespoke mixed drinks, lots of gin and a cracking line-up of American whiskey for connoisseurs. Anyone for Pappy Van Winkle 23-year-old at $100 a nip? If you feel the need for a snack, the same people also own Flipside Burgers, just downstairs. The bar staff will order for you. Booya.