From under-the-radar gems to all-time classics, which Perth CBD lunch spot takes your pick?

Grabbing lunch in Perth CBD can sometimes be more of a necessity than a pleasure, where often it’s the closest place to the office that wins your business. We’ve rounded up a hitlist worth trying, many of which fly under the radar.


A deserving one-star recipient in the 2024 WA Good Food Guide, Hifumiya could be described as a “hidden gem” if it wasn’t for the constant stream of diners at this busy udon noodle house. Arrive early and expect to share a table with a stranger – it’s all part of the experience. The spicy miso pork udon is a must-try, as is the vegetable tempura, which is almost a meal on its own. 100-104 Murray Street

Daxxi 140

The many generic cafés in Perth CBD can make lunchtime a bit of a lottery, yet one stands out. Run by Adam and Marissa Bielawski of Black Pig Deli and gourmet brand Poach Pear, Daxxi 140 features the best of what they’re known for – sandwiches filled with the finest meats and seasonal ingredients, from a traditional croque-monsieur to a magnificent Reuben. Marissa runs front of house while Adam, one of Perth’s best charcutiers, creates the food. Coffee is from Gesha, and the DIY chai latte is well worth a try. 140 St George’s Terrace

La Veen

One of the city’s best-loved cafés, the original King Street La Veen’ Heritage’ moved across the road to a smaller site nearly two years ago. Despite losing its kitchen, La Veen‘s range of toasties, pastries and other lunch items is hard to beat, as is their coffee (if you’re a mocha fan, look no further). With another café in Raine Square and two outlets in the Chevron building, La Veen is a safe bet for a quick lunch and caffeine fix wherever you are in Perth CBD. 79 King Street & Raine Square

Girl with coffee and a sandwich display at La Veen Perth

La Veen

Peoples Inn Dumpling House

A short stroll down Hay Street Peoples Inn Dumpling House is a bustling hawker-style restaurant where daily specials are scrawled on bits of paper taped to the counter. It’s a secret haunt of some of WA’s top chefs, and you’ll often make new friends when taking a seat. The Sichuan Hot & Spicy noodles have the requisite sinus-clearing heat, while the super-soft fried dough sticks, Youtiao, with house-made soymilk, offer a welcome respite. A must-stop for handmade dumplings and noodles. 3/369 Hay Street

Tea Woks

Next door to Peoples Inn is Tea Woks, which interior-wise is a direct contrast to the former with a stark, modern fit-out. The Malaysian offering includes a wide range of noodles, rice, and soup dishes. While many noodle dishes are pork-based, the Fried Chicken Chop should not be overlooked. They also serve bubble tea and Malaysian desserts – yes, durian is on the menu. A great one-stop shop. 2/369 Hay Street

Neighbourhood Bagel

One of the Perth CBD’s newest lunch venues, Neighbourhood Bagel has adopted this New York-style deli trend to offer city diners a quality, made-to-order option. From simple and traditional combinations like lox and cream cheese to some jaw-challenging creations (The Schnitty, to name just one), service is fast and portions generous in size with a selection of eight different schmears to choose from. 172 St Georges Terrace (corner of King Street)

Short Order

There are days when a sandwich just won’t cut it, and thankfully, one of Perth’s best burgers can be found on Hay Street at Short Order‘s original restaurant-proper. Their offering needs little introduction to Perth burger fans, and while the restaurant gets busy, orders turn around quickly. While beef may be the obvious choice, the Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich is one of the best burgers in town. Grab a milkshake made with Micrology cold brew to keep you caffeinated for the afternoon. 800 Hay Street


Two burgers, one chicken from Short Order Perth

Short Order

Le Vietnam

No Perth CBD lunch list would be complete without Bánh Mì. While there will always be arguments about who makes Perth’s best, it’s hard to dispute the consistency and efficiency of Le Vietnam. Queues may extend down Barrack Street, but orders arrive with startling efficiency, and owner DJ Lee somehow remembers an endless number of regular orders. Get in when the doors open if you’re after one of the specials, like the bone-in beef short rib or Lee’s creative take on a Reuben. 1/80 Barrack Street

Community Coffee Co.

Initially located in the car park next to Community Coffee‘s Subiaco shop, their food truck became known for serving fantastic street food like egg sandos, Reubens and brekky muffins. Luckily for Perth CBD diners, the food truck now resides at the Community Coffee’s Mercantile Lane lounge. My food tip: add a hash brown and hot sauce to everything. 177 St George’s Terrace

Mr Sandwich

Right in the middle of Perth CBD on St George’s Terrace is Mr Sandwich, a shop that does exactly what it says on the tin – yet with style. Run by French husband-and-wife team Amelie and Emmanuel Taborda, there are plenty of sandwiches, pastries, and cakes to choose from, but as they often sell out, don’t plan on heading there for lunch too late. The Friday special offers a welcome alternative to standard CBD sandwiches with sweets made by the French bistro Madeleine on Beaufort. 68 St George’s Terrace 

Croff Bakehouse

First opening on Barrack Street in 2020, it didn’t take long for Croff Bakehouse to open its second store in Raine Square, fast becoming Perth CBD’s hotspot for croissants. Their skill is creating interesting Asian-inspired combinations, including a sesame mochi ‘croffle’ (croissant waffle) and a char siu pie croissant. The baked ham and cheese croissant is a revelation. Much more than a morning tea destination. 131 Barrack Street & Raine Square

Croff Bakehouse shop front street view

Croff Bakehouse

Joey Zaza’s

At the front of the old Treasury Building, Joey Zaza’s is the perfect place for a hand-crafted roll on the way back to the office. Their offerings are a mix of the owners’ Asian and Italian influences – many combinations using Nonna’s 80-year-old recipes, and portions are substantial. There’s even a breakfast menu if you’re starting the day hungry. Sandwiches range from a classic Conti to a chicken parma, but our pick is the Razzle Dazzle Pork Crackle, a clever porchetta take on a Bánh Mì. Brews come from Perth’s Blacklist Coffee Roasters. 45 St George’s Terrace

Shop 1875

There are plenty of places in the State Buildings for a leisurely business or pleasure lunch – Post, Petition and Long Chim, to name just three. But if you’re after something more grab-and-go, Shop 1875‘s daily-changing selection of salads, sandwiches, and sweet treats more than satisfies. A mushroom melt in the magnificent setting of the history-steeped State Buildings makes for a memorable lunch. Grab your afternoon brew from its well-established neighbour, Telegram Coffee. State Buildings, St George’s Terrace & Barrack Street

Howard’s Groove

Coffee can be an important part of lunch, and Howard’s Groove brews are some of the best in Perth. Refreshments go beyond the liquid variety – they serve some great toasties, too (we recommend the Chilli Gonzales if you like it spicy). They’re an efficient operation used to high customer volume, so you won’t be waiting long. If in Perth’s West End, you can seek a similar experience from their sister cafe, Smooth Operator, on the corner of Hay and Milligan Streets. 22 Howard Street

Howard's Groove Perth shop front and barista with two coffees

Howard’s Groove © Kinoko

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