While the Good Food Guide Top 50 list represents the cream of the crop in WA dining, there are many, so called, casual dining venues in our city, which deserve accolades for the innovative, bold, clever and, sometimes, a-little-out-there dishes which are at the vanguard of modern casual dining.

The casual dining segment is also where the city’s best culinary innovation and unique customer experiences are often given birth in a less restrained and formal setting.

To make our Top 25 Casual Dining list, a café or bistro has a very smart food program. Our Top 25 aren’t second class culinary citizens. They’re bringing their “A” game just like our best restaurateurs and chefs on the Top 50 list – they’ve just chosen to excite us, feed us and give us a customer experience at the casual end of the spectrum. And let’s face it, we love to eat this way.

With literally thousands of cafes and casual dining venues to choose from in WA, the accomplished few who made our Top 25 Casual Dining list in 2017 are the best of the (casual) best.

View the Good Food Guide Best Casual Dining winner, Mary Street Bakery, and the Top 25 list.

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