There was a time, not so long ago, when going for a drink meant a trip to a pub or queuing to get into a nightclub. Then along came the small bar revolution and, suddenly, Western Australia grew up. Small bars popped up everywhere and many of them still exist today making great drinks and making us feel a little, well, cosmopolitan and cool.

And then the revolution turned into a delicious evolution as some bar owners began to take their food very seriously indeed. Unrestrained by restaurant culture, those bars who sank resources and talent into their food menus were the progenitors of a wave of creative, wildly inventive plates with their roots in the American south, the Korean peninsula, Japan’s micro-sized omakase restaurants and the Aussie backyard. Puffed beef tendon crisps anyone?

Our Top 10 Best Bar Dining list 2017, is not a list of top bars, although inevitably many who made the list are game changers in the small bar space. This list celebrates bars where food is a massive part of their offer.

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