We sat down with The West Australian Good Food Guide’s editor, Rob Broadfield.

What’s the number one thing you hope to achieve from this year’s Good Food Guide?
The number one thing we hope to achieve is to celebrate excellence and in doing so foster, a real passion for excellence among our chefs and restaurateurs.

During your epic taste testing for the GFG, what was one stand out OMG food moment?
The lamb at knee deep restaurant because it was impeccably well cooked, beautiful produce, very low intervention from the chef but at the same time brilliant technique.

Are we still the east coast’s little brother or have we realised our own style of dining and cuisine in the west?
I think the comparison is a false equivalency anyway because yes, Melbourne is a more vibrant restaurant community than ours is, but I don’t think we need to compare ourselves with other cities anymore. Perth is its own thing now. It used to follow in the same footsteps as Melbourne and Sydney but Perth has its own way and it’s quite extraordinary and, you see hat, when you look at the stunning restaurants we have reviewed for this year’s Good Food Guide. They are remarkably good and they can hold their own anywhere in Australia without a shadow of a doubt.

Having said that, I think Perth will have truly made it when someone in a Melbourne restaurant says approvingly, “wow, it’s just so Perth.’ We’re not there yet.

How hard was it to whittle the list down to Top 50?
The most difficult thing we have ever done. To whittle it down to 50 when there were clearly a good 70 restaurants that should have made that list – there are at least another 20 that are of equal standing to tose who made the list, but we had to make the hard decisions. It was very difficult and fraught process.

What is your advice to those who didn’t make it?
I don’t really need to give restaurants advice but the whole reason we have awards like this and categorise them from 1-50 is that it is a great opportunity to give people something to aim for. There are a lot of chefs, particularly in more mature markets like Melbourne, where they love this kind of ranking system and they say to their staff and say “right, we are 44 this year, let’s aim for 38” or “we’re 15 this year, let’s try and crack the Top 10 next year” and it really spurs people on.

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