There’s a lot of hipster cues at the curiously-named Yes Please Perth. Waiters with luxurious beards, tatts and bib and braces, and the Mod-Oz-Bubba-Dude menu – a mash-up of southern soul, North Carolina and Tennessee barbecue and a bit of Aussie-Asian thrown in for good measure.

Sure, it’s dude-y and hipster but it’s very well executed. When it comes to hushpuppies it’s fair to say that most Aussie wannabe-bubba chefs get it wrong: too doughy or greasy or flavourless or all three. Yes Please Perth’s are light, with big corn flavour, grainy and textural, but soft and pliable too.

“Ben’s dirty potatoes” are everything you would hope from loaded home fries: crispy, crunchy, fluffy inside, gnarly on the outside and weighed down with finely grated grana padano cheese, thinly sliced house-made pickled onions, pickled jalapeños, Cajun spice, spring onions and ranch dressing. Yay dude.

The more substantial charcoal-seared flank steak is nicely charred, sliced against the grain, perfectly red inside, as soft as gelato on a hot day.

No good American-style casual diner would be complete without classic cocktails and these guys have an approachable list of faves including a Manhattan, whisky sour, old-fashioned or mint julep.