Wines of While is like a hippie interloper on our best bars list. It has no name-brand barkeep, no Instagram-worthy take on a negroni, no ironic version of chicken and waffles.

It is a wine bar owned and run by people who believe in wine which is grown and made organically and/or biodynamically, which has low or no sulphur and which adheres to the loose tenets of the Orange Wine movement (i.e. loads of skin contact and often controversial levels of oxidisation). But we love ’em for it.

The wines are carefully sourced from around the world, but there’s a huge representation of Margaret River and Great Southern titles. Wine wonks will love it.

But then the staff are so engaging anyone will enjoy the journey and get a lot out of this stunning and original little shop-front bar. There is a small menu of several impeccably made terrines, rillettes and cured meats and usually, just one “main” course: typically, a stunning pasta.