From the calm of its Scandi-Aussie interior design to the silky, professional service and the simple and highly original dishes to a wine program with depth and breadth, Wildflower is seamless, contemporary and, yes, exciting.

It is one of the benchmark restaurants in WA. The Good Food Guide reviewing team paid several visits during the year. On our final visit chef Jed Gerrard served an amuse with sea parsley and samphire which he had picked himself from the sand dunes at Cottesloe that morning. This is a kitchen that walks the walk. It is difficult for a leader in any endeavour to improve, but Wildflower has done just that, particularly with its beverages program.

In 2018 the Como The Treasury bosses extended the roles of group beverage director Emma Farrelly and of Long Chim cocktail boss James Connolly, who now has responsibility for mixed drinks across all the State Buildings’ venues, including Wildflower.  And it shows.