Vans café is actually a quality restaurant masquerading as a café. The food – thanks to chef Leigh Nash – is of an order well above that one would expect from a café. Nash has a particular bent for Asian flavours in the Longrain, Chin Chin mould and they are some of the best dishes the kitchen pushes out.

But in leafy Cottesloe, Vans has to be all things to all comers, so the breakfast menu has all the traditional bacon and egg based dishes, buttermilke pancakes, smashed avocado and the fruit and muesli bowls you’d expect alongside exciting interlopers like spicy Indonesian fried eggs and a luxurious pulled pork chimichanga (perhaps the best hangover dish in Perth).

The lunch and dinner menus push out a twice cooked coconut pork hock with sweet fish sauce and a green apple and lychee salad – It is the bomb – a good grilled steak, fish of the day and a range of smart salads to keep the rich and beautiful of Cott and PG, looking, well, beautiful.

Vans is never not popular. Any time of the day or night it’s heaving with locals enjoying the casual service, masterfully cooked food and its smart wine list.