Chef Benny Suwarno flies under the radar, but his cooking skills and creativity are up there with the finest. He might be working in a coffee shop/café, but his Asian styled dishes are absolutely knockout and, frankly, worthy of a higher profile and a bigger audience.

His dishes lean toward a mash-up of techniques and flavours of his native Indonesia (he grew up in Australia), Korea, China and Singapore, and include dishes such as his boldly flavoured miso pork belly benedict (one of the finest breakfast dishes in P-Town).

It’s made on a base of ciabatta toast, topped with blanched and grilled broccolini and then thinly sliced pork belly marinated with gojijang, soy sauce, low-salt miso, ginger, garlic and the classic Korean meat tenderiser, nashi pear. The meat is grilled to order and topped with two poached eggs and lashings of chilli hollandaise.

There’s also char siew pork, served with steamed bao buns and a cluster of fresh herbs and carrot pickle. Grab a steamed bun and build it yourself. Traditionalists aren’t left behind: there’s eggs on toast, muesli and the standard array of breakfast treats. All that and the coffees are among the best in the city. Service is speedy. The venue is large and mostly always packed, but the wait is never too long for a table.

Benny, we salute you.