TWR Bar is Liberace meets Oligarch meets Hollywood meets Coachella with more bling than a billion-dollar super yacht. On our first encounter with TWR in 2017, we wrote at the time: “If Willy Wonka and a Las Vegas showgirl had a love child, it would be TWR.” And so it is.

But this sexy space is more than just good looks. Its cocktail game is one of the best in town, with talented barkeeps crafting clever and well- calibrated creations that are adult, properly made and genuinely innovative.

It may be an unfair assumption, but one doesn’t expect attention to detail, creativity or “ownership” from a large hotel bar. TWR breaks the big hotel mould with a team of drinks-makers who really know their business and a menu of drinks which ranks among the best. Champagne is available at both modest and expensive prices and everything in between.

The best perch is at the bar – although stools are limited – with low couches the perfect place to lounge and drink.

The bar menu is next level: we love croque monsieur and the stunning club sandwich.