Set right in Perth’s CBD, Tiny’s offers respite from the bustle in the form of globetrotting dishes, new-world wine and edgy cocktails. 

A spacious and comfortable dining room dressed with wood panelling and leather is the setting for Tiny’s expansive, share-friendly menu that homes in on vibrant flavours and thinking with a little edge to it. Kingfish crudo, for example, features salty ice plant and crisp, sweet-sour persimmon, while freshly shucked oysters are simply topped with soy and ginger for depth and brightness. 

Dishes vary from the small – chicken-fat flatbread – to larger and fuller-flavoured.

A wood-fired grill and rotisserie is a feature of the Tiny’s kitchen, showing its presence in dishes like charred corn liberally dressed with a delicious “old chicken spice butter”, and wagyu rump cap served with seaweed hollandaise and togarashi. Again, good ideas backed by sharp execution. Across that menu, dishes vary from the small – chicken-fat flatbread – to larger and fuller-flavoured – Korean-style steak tartare with pear and gochujang – never failing to twist where others stick or leap where others jump.

When it comes to drinks, cocktails are simple but modern. The refreshing Yuzu and Friends, featuring vermouth, soda, yuzushu and grapefruit is cleanly presented and popping with acid and a touch of bitterness, while sake, a compact craft-beer offer, and a wine list that focuses on things lo-fi, fresh and light are plenty compelling. The sign above the door might read Tiny’s, but inside, the offering is expansive.