Take a ride to the 18th floor of the QT hotel and when the lift doors open, you’ll be hit in the face with a potent cocktail of sophistication, ambience and high octane cool.

The room is a scando-modern-mid-century-patio-party mash-up and the views of the city, the Swan River and the far reaching burbs are transfixing. The drinks aren’t bad either. The cocktail making at Perth’s highest roof top bar and terrace is modern, light and clever.

Bar tenders can mix the classics and pour you some good beers, but it is their inventive house drinks which we recommend.

There’s the QT G&T, the Rooftop Fashion – a user friendly take on the classic old fashioned – and a gingery, spritzy Moscow Cool. The staff will happily make you an off menu classic if your tastes are for an old fashioned or a negroni.

Hungry? Chicken liver mousse, freshly shucked oysters and the obligatory burger and fries are the go. And what a spectacle as day turns to night. Kick back inside in an egg-shaped lounge chair and you’ll witness a seething mass of Perth’s beautiful people at play.

Saturday nights there’s a lengthy queue in the foyer with a ukelele player entertaining waiting customers.