We’re surprised that there is only one Sneaky Tony’s. It’s such a successful and beguiling concept, we imagined it would be copied for sure. Which is neither here nor there, we’re just glad there’s even one Sneaky Tony’s in Perth.

It is still the gloomiest bar in town – who doesn’t like fumbling around in the dark, looking for your mates – but its Stygian lighting is all a part of its dive-y rum bar aesthetic. It’s a bar without windows and accessible only through a bin-crowded back alley. And, if you don’t have the password, you’ll be turned away. Sure, it’s an affectation, but the whole speakeasy, secret code stuff is great fun.

But as any serious drinker knows, a good bar is more than just fun – it’s about serious matters too, like drinks, for instance. And Sneaky Tony’s is one of the best. It still makes the finest original daiquiri in WA and while it might not have the cocktail pyrotechnics of some of our more celebrated flannel shirt and beard bars, the drinks-making is impeccable.

The range of rums is epic, as is the selection of well-crafted rum-based cocktails. Now, was that Ernest Hemingway in the corner?