Top chef turned bar entrepreneuer Clint Nolan knows customers. We can say this with some certainty because most of his bar and pub venues are highly successful. Punters seem to love his offerings, and top of the pops for us is Sneaky Tony’s, a dimly lit prohibition bar specialising in rum.

When it first opened we thought Nolan had forgotten to pay the power bill. It’s a room so dark you need night vision goggles to find the bar. We weren’t sure it would survive, especially with all the carry on with passwords and secret buzzers to gain entry through a signless, steel door in a back alley beside industrial waste bins. How wrong were we.

The crowds loved it and in spite of all the speakeasy showbiz, the drinks kept them coming back.

Sneaky Tony’s is a rum bar with more rum than a pirate ship. Three hundred titles from four continents, to be precise. It, hands down, makes the best original lime daiquiri (you know, the one they made for Ernest Hemingway at the Floridita Bar in Havana) in WA. Clean, spritzy with fresh lime, balanced with sugar and charged with good white rum, it’s a real patio pounder. Its dark and stormy is similarly endowed with good rum, mixers and condiments. Not a fan of bitters in your dark and stormy? Ask them to leave ity out. They’re cool.

Sneaky Tony’s is the bar we always take out-of-towners and drinking newbies, because it combines showbiz and fun with serious drinks made by damn fine bar keeps.