Nautical kitsch, live music and a distinct dive bar feel, this bar offers up a rocking time for those in the know.

Any seadog worth his salt will know to head to Rodney’s Bait n Tackle for a (bottle of) rum, but the warm atmosphere and friendly staff will have you sticking around for more. From the ten-metre vintage boat from which bartenders are pulling beers and pouring spirits, to the plethora of model ships, lifebuoys and oars which rest on or hang from every available surface, Rodney’s Bait n Tackle is nautical kitsch to the nth degree. 

But it’s the range of rums and whiskeys that’s the real appeal – the menu lists spirits by region, and there are some special drops among more approachable, affordable offers.

As a live-music venue, expect a muso crowd to gather here, as well as local surfers, or really, well, anyone. The diverse cocktail menu is worth exploring, and though beer offerings may be few, the Tug Boat pale ale (made exclusively for the venue by Rocky Ridge) is a must-order. The wine list, on the other hand, is extensive and skews Australian, with bartenders on hand to walk you through it. But it’s the range of spirits – put together with a discerning eye – that’s the real appeal; the menu lists spirits by region, and there are some special drops among more approachable offers, all generously priced.

Food? Barramundi always features, whitebait or squid is fried crisp, and the Baja tacos are a standout, with flaky tempura barra and shredded cabbage. Come in the late afternoon for a post-surf beer and it’s more than likely the good spirits and great music will see you while away the whole night.