It might not be the bar it once was when some of the best bar keeps were making their own syrups, mixers, bitters and fat-washed liquors, but it has maintained its reputation for fine drinks, made well.

And, of course, it is a beautiful space. Sit at the bar or any of the 10 or so bar tables and eat well from a bar snack menu which crosses over Rockpool’s famous main menu but also introduces stand alone and substantial bar snacks like minute steak, the celebrated wagyu burger and tacos, yes tacos.

The wine and champagne list is epic. The mixed drinks are expertly built. Rockpool’s bar staff pass the ultimate test – classic cocktails like the old fashioned, Manhattan and martini – with aplomb but also have a solid gamer with modern classics, spritzes and wine based drinks.

Rockpool is relaxing, professional, adult. Everything you want in a bar.