Rockpool has seen the comings and goings of every trendy food fashion which has swept Perth in recent years and it has remained unfazed by the fads, remaining true to its produce-based cause and higher end dining.

Rockpool is all about top produce cooked properly. It’s not about reinventing the wheel. Steaks are its schtick and no one cooks steak better than Rockpool. You can buy a $125 David Blackmore Wagyu. We never do. The $65 rib eye on the bone from Cape Grim is one of the best steaks in Australia.

The side dishes at Rockpool are sensational. It’s easy to over order given dishes like wood-fired creamed corn with chipotle oil, mushy peas with slow-cooked egg and mac and cheese.

Service is polished, if a little lumpy at times. They run a proper “brigade” style service and it is mostly seamless. The wine list is one of Perth’s finest and, importantly, Rockpool’s sommeliers are among the most informed and well trained in Perth.

For business lunches, special occasions or just because you want to live it up in style, Rockpool is one of the most enjoyable, fully formed, well-executed restaurant experiences in Perth.