Pleased To Meet You is another of those Clint Nolan creations which is hyper cool, a little bit showbiz and a lot about customer experience.

The Northbridge bar entrepreneur has a knack for capturing a sort of outlaw cool without lurching into how-cool-am-I hipster irony.

“Pleased to meet you” is the first half of a butcher’s traditional cheery greeting to customers – the ditty ends, “with the meat to please you” – and it’s hardly a surprise that Nolan chose the name he did, given the abject love of meat that’s going on at this Roe Street bar.

There’s a charcoal-fired pit rotisserie running almost all the time. If you go on the right day at the right time you can often see a whole suckling or small pig turning slowly over the glowing coals.

Piggy not your thing? Beef Rueben bao is, as the name suggests, a Reuben sandwich in a steamed bao bun. What’s not to love” It’s not all meat of course and even vegetarians are cared for with an interesting salad or two.

But it’s the food truck-style plates we love: chicken taco with corn salsa; Philly cheese steak sliders; coal-roasted chicken served with tortilla wraps and hot sauce and spiced maple carrots.

Nolan is a bar guy, so no surprise about the breadth and depth of the spirits list at PTMY. They’re no slouches in the wine and beer departments either.

PTMY is fun, low key and a cool as a polar bear’s paw.