Everyone’s doing tapas these days, but you could count on one hand those doing it properly and authentically in the Spanish way.

Pinchos is perhaps the only Perth tapas bar that could hold its head up in Barcelona. It sits at ground zero on the Leederville strip and – with its outrageously low prices – has become a favourite with Leedy’s party people.

From pintxos – tiny morsels on toothpicks at $1-$3 a pop – to larger tapas-style plates and even bigger entrée-sized meals (raciones), the food is whatever you want it to be whatever mood you’re in.

Drop in for “pinchos on the bar” Monday to Thursday from 4-6pm. Buy a drink and you get a pintxo free. Start with sangria and well-priced Spanish wines and finish with Tocino del cielo, a heavenly dessert in the style of crème caramel.