Petite Mort is the dream of one of Perth’s best chefs, Todd Stuart, a career chef with enormous passion and an impressive CV. He is one of the city’s hardest working commercial cooks.

Petite Mort is a very individual offer and it has improved over the years. It has a mixture of large share plates to order off the card or a degustation offer, where the chef can, and does, delight with some surprise tastes and clean technique.

The three-course prix fixe costs $64 and gives the diner an ample choice of five entrees, five mains and three desserts. It’s a brilliant offer for such recherche food.

The menu changes regularly, but some of our more recent highlights have been a rabbit entree plated cleanly and artistically on a large white dish with garnishes spread across it in an abstract line of globs and balls. There is substance, too. Chef bones out the legs and stuffs with a chicken mousse, seasoned with chorizo. The bunny is plated with pickled iceberg, carrot puree and pickled carrot.

Cured salmon with kimchi, ginger, kombucha and cucumber was a startlingly good combination of flavours, techniques, textures and artistry. This is Stuart at his classically trained best. The cure was short and simple — just sugar and salt — and was plated stylishly with a banging kimchi sorbet, cucumber and cashew nut.

Petite Mort is one of the last fine diners in Perth; a place for serious cooking and slick service.