Pappagallo is la bella Roma in Leederville. A bustling pizza and pasta joint with tight tables and chatty staff which prides itself on pizza. And rightly so.

It’s Roman style, with a thin, crisp crust that doesn’t weigh you down. Flour is sourced from Italy and dough proves for 72 hours. Try the signature pizza bianca with truffle ricotta and swathes of silky prosciutto.

Pasta is house made and ravioli second to none, plump and moist, maybe with chicken one day, pork the next, whatever takes the kitchen’s fancy. Have it with crisp polenta chips on the side.

Desserts are mamma’s staples, coffee is good and there’s a tidy drinks list with beer, wine, cocktails and liqueurs. Buon appetito. One of the best pizza- makers in P-Town.