If you have a love of nosh-able Italian food and fun, famiglia style with a sound track of noise and bustle and the ocassional shout “Grazie… Prego!” you’ve found your restaurant. This heaving Oxford Street venue is La Bella Roma in Perth with its Roman style (thin, crisp) pizzas and classic pasta dishes.

Classic calamari fritti is simple and on point: elegant rings deep-fried for a crisp bite but with juicy flesh. Taut cushions of gnocchi are given the VIP treatment in a luxurious crab meat sauce while a diavola pizza’s immaculately thin base contains lashings of spicy sausage, salami and fresh chilli. Molto buono.

Pappagallo’s wine list is simple and easy drinking. You’ll not want for more with your pizza or pasta. But, should you wish, plunder the cellar and bring your own, Monday to Thursday.