You gotta love a restaurant that says, at the top if its menu, “This week we have blood oranges from Bindoon, Torbay asparagus, Arkady lamb, and a delivery of beautiful fresh scallops caught off Rottnest.” This is the way they roll at New Normal which popped quietly on to the dining scene in 2017 and was an instant hit. Perth’s diners know the real thing when they see it.

New Normal’s kitchen plates up uncomplicated, cleverly cooked dishes which showcase its well-sourced produce and the significant talent behind the pass. There is a refined, less-is-more philosophy in the kitchen. Chef Vargas and his team – as is the way these days – used a woodfired hole in the wall to cook many of their dishes, delivering a charry and delicately smoked flavour to most of their food.

The menu changes regularly, based on what’s good at the markets. Expect simple, elegant dishes like scallops with blood orange and green chilli; cauliflower with sumac, curry leaf and nigella seed and the stunning duck with kohlrabi, apple and Davidson plum.

The room is Quaker-like with its soft off-white colours and natural finishes. You can feel the serenity.

And while cocktails may not be the main game here, the bar staff are no slouches when it comes to creating mixed drinks with style. The roof-top bar will be one of the go-to places in summer.