Mummucc is a bubbly, joyous neighbourhood trattoria without archness or affectation, cooking generous, superbly cooked pasta and small plates.

The cookery is precise and deft. Service is quick. You order at the bar. It’s busy and loud. People huddle around the bar, some sitting and snacking, others standing in small groups drinking, others are at the large central table and yet others are happy to find a perch on low stools and cradle their drinks while waiting for a table to free up.

Mummucc was one of the most talked about openings of 2019.

House made pasta is next level, cooked on the chewy side of al dente where all the flavour and texture is. Pasta dishes change almost daily but being Sicilian by intent (but not purist about it) sauces lean to the agri-dolce, tomato, sardine, pine nuts end of the Southern Italian flavour spectrum.

 An alla gricia was a smashing blend of guanciale and warmed pecorino cheese. Very Roman. The guanciale’s wonderful fat had emulsified into a pasta-water pecorino sauce, at once light and rich, dressing the pasta in slippery, salty unction. There’s cured meats and salami for antipasti and a couple of moveable selection for dessert. 

Mummucc is one of Perth’s most authentic, boisterous Italians.