Southern fried chicken and soul food have made their mark in Perth in recent years and there are some damn fine examples of it everywhere. Deep frying makes everything taste better which is why the Colonel made so much dosh out of KFC.

In keeping with the fried chicken ethos, Meat Candy produces a version that leaves the Colonel’s version for dead. It has the crunch, the spice, the salt and the moist, moist meat one expects from a fried chicken venue on its “A” game.

Meat Candy is more than just fried chicken though. On the occasion of the Good Food Guide’s visit, crispy Brussels sprouts with green chilli jam and pine nuts was bold, big, charry and spicy hot. Maple glazed hot lamb ribs with blue cheese mayo.

Cocktails are a big deal here and done well. If you like the southern thaang, you enjoy the spirit-on-spirit whisky cocktails. The beer list is solid too.