Part of Scott Bridger and Eamon Sullivan’s expanding hospitality empire, May Street Larder East Fremantle consistently pull off one of Perth’s best brunches on the South Side.

It is renowned for its frankly fabulous menu which includes Southern American and dude food like waffles and fried chicken with jalapenos, cheek by jowl and vegetarian, vegan, organic, healthy dishes.

What you probably don’t know is May St does a $49 high tea unlike any other. Sure it has little pastries – as you would expect – but includes fried chicken san choi bao, house made sausage rolls, tomato and olive savoury tart and a brownie with salted caramel drizzled all over. It’s one of Perth’s most unique high tea experiences.

On the main menu served through lunch, baked eggs in a rich concasse with chorizo crumb. Silken potato pave draped with salmon and puffed crunchy rice. The dynamic duo’s serve-your-own free sparkling water policy is another great thing: a generous reminder of what many restaurateurs forget – hospitality.

The coffee at May St is exceptional and there is enough parking to run in for a morning fix, and take away a satisfying bite for the road.