When is a bakery not a bakery? When a talented chef and restaurateur team up and create something so special that its dishes are up there with high end nosh yet has the casualness of a hip local café, then offer a more-ish selection of premium pastries and baked goods on site to add another layer of awesome.

Paul Aron and Michael Forde’s hugely successful venture (they’ve opened up another three in the past two years) is nothing short of brilliant. Its predominantly breakfast-style menu bumps boldly against the grain drawing from traditional dishes and stamping an eclectic and individual element on each – think white polenta porridge, apple, cardamom, chai, raisins, pistachio or fried chicken, buttermilk pancake, peanuts, maple, chilli, fried egg. I mean puh-leese!

Lunch-style options are few but when they read this good, who needs choice. Kingfish turmeric curry, sprouts, coriander, rice noodle sounds simple enough yet is anything but. Deep, complex flavours of lemongrass, ginger, shrimp paste, fish stock, chilli and fresh lime lingers in the mouth. Sheer heaven for those chasing an authentic Burmese curry. Outstanding. There’s booze – Bloody Mary/bubbles/Campari double espresso (rude not to), select beers and ciders, and a couple of intelligent red and whites to choose so all bases are covered. Good tunes, good food, good vibe.

This place punches above its weight in spades.