Brenton and Bec Pyke have raised the standard of Bunbury dining, since making the southern port city their home several years ago. Their casual, focused diner, Market Eating House, pushes a menu with Greek and Levantine leanings, pointing to Pike’s time as head chef at George Calombaris’ Little Press & Cellar in Melbourne. Wife, Bec, equally savvy on the other side of the dining coin, has a focus on service.

You can order off the card but those who try the “feed me” menus will be well rewarded. These menus embody the Market Eating House ethos: share-style eating, with multiple dishes on the table, and happy free-for-all dining.

Pike’s plates are among the best you’ll find south of Perth. Simple hummus is lifted with a ground lamb, ras el hanout and raisin topping. Greek saganaki cheese hits the table sizzling in a skillet. Fragrant notes of lemon, honey and oregano the opening gambit for a dish that’s acidic and sweet.

The dining room includes a long bar which sports a sound drinks list, served by staff who know their stuff.