Lot 20 is a small bar in a heritage-listed former police station. It’s a lock-up you’d be delighted to be incarcerated in, if you don’t mind being jailed in a fun bar with a funky inner-city garden and good food and cocktails. They have want they call “bar bites” and more substantial a la carte offerings, if you’ve got your hunger on.

The food is basic, approachable and spot on for an afternoon lounging in the garden. Barramundi croquettes with caper mayo, pork and pistachio terrine and, our favourite, Dutch fries (Fench fries, peanut satay sauce, mayonnaise and red onion) are the go with a cocktail of a beer.

More substantial offerings showcase chef Pouchin’s skills and willingness to create dishes which punters like. Crumbed pork cutlet with Italian coleslaw (traditional coleslaw with the addition of shaved parmesan) and slow-cooked beef cheek vol au vent, are both generous dishes with booming flavour.

They play a good cocktail game at Lot 20 and, on those occasions when you don’t want alcohol, we’re big fans of their house-made sodas in flavours of orange mandarin, club lemon, ginger ale and strawberry. They’re more refreshing than a dip in an Oslo swimming pool.

WA’s most prolific oyster shucker, Jerry “The King Of Oysters” Fraser shucks “live” in the garden every Wednesday from 4pm and Friday from noon. From the cocktail list, we recommend the Italian Stallion and the Cuban Rum Swizzle.