With food to match the restaurant, and a drinks list driven by adventure, Long Chim Bar stakes its claim as a destination in its own right.

A strong complement to the restaurant, the Long Chim bar stands alone in its own right as a destination, with a cocktail menu that takes the drinker on a journey through Thailand, city by city.

The drinks taste good, sure, but they tell a story too, and are intelligent and interesting in their use of Thai spices and flavours. Getting that sweet-sour balance can often be a challenge with cocktails, but the team nails it with precision in drinks like the Spice Merchant, combining gin with mace vermouth, lime leaf and white pepper, or  Floating Market, which brings Pisco together with Champagne and pineapple. There’s also a unique selection of craft beers and an eclectic mix of regional and global wines to choose from.

Bar dining at Long Chim, meanwhile, is among the best in Perth, coming with all the bravura flavours and bombastic tastes of Thompson’s extraordinary food.