If you can see above the myriad tour buses parked in front of this uber-popular Swan Valley venue there’s a beautiful vista overlooking stretches of vineyard.

Welcome to Mandoon Estate’s Homestead Brewery, where every Valley millennial, grandparent, young family and large group booking comes to eat, drink and be merry.

The brews here are big, bold and balanced and its wine offering satisfactory. Service is on point and food is fast and generous. Moist, soft, sticky pork bao buns have a nice vegetable crunch, courtesy of a spanking-fresh Asian slaw.

Mussels cooked in homemade cider (nice touch) is rich, creamy and tangy and chicken and mushroom pie is as hearty as you would expect in this country setting. When touring the Swan Valley and in need of a bang-for-your-buck feed with a bustling, happy vibe, Homestead’s a hit.