We’re aware that it’s a cliché, almost a punchline, but we can’t avoid saying it: Halford is just so Melbourne. Not surprising really when you understand that owner John Parker has some of Melbourne’s best bars on his CV as both owner and/or operator – including that city’s celebrated Gin Palace.

But back to Perth, and Halford, in the soigné multi-venue State Buildings is hidden down a staircase and shoe-horned into the heritage building’s substantial basement. It’s a bar/lounge vibe with great, no fabulous, cocktails from a team of top-notch drinks-slingers.

It’s a very adult space for those who admire good drinks, the ability to lounge like a superstar and bar snacks which, while limited, fit the bill with a 2am negroni. Take a seat in one of the 1950s-inspired pink armchairs. It’s always night-time down in this basement bar, so everyone looks good under the golden, soft lighting and against the low-fi but glamorous décor.

It’s the perfect haunt for sophisticated roués, rakes, flaneurs and funsters.