The Frisk bartenders know a lot about gin. Just as well. Frisk is the least prepossessing bar we’ve encountered in Perth. It looks for all the world like it was built from bits of timber found at the tip.

It ain’t pretty, but it has nailed the cocktails and – if you like that kind of thing – it has perfected gritty, grungy, shack-under-a-freeway-overpass décor. With 180 gins on offer and more than 40 versions of gin and tonics, this is a gin bar like few others.

The cocktail-making is superb and their martini game is best in breed. There is nothing about gin the bartenders don’t know. They have geek-level knowledge about the various “families” of gin – aromatic, sweet, savoury, etc – and could probably tell you the name of the bloke who picked the juniper berries to flavour a Swedish gin, if you asked.

All this, and a wonderful, welcoming, corner-bar feel; a small, read tiny, menu of snacks, and great prices.