A new chapter for one of WA’s leading proponents of zero waste dining.

With the closure of winery restaurant Arimia it seemed like Western Australia, as well as the Margaret River region, had lost one of its most consistent and convincing environmentally conscious eateries. Evan Hayter its chef and co-owner was well known for using his own estate grown veggies, pork, and trout. But in de’sendent he’s not lost sight of that original mission. He’s showcasing both the region that he loves and his sustainable credentials from his dimly lit, beautifully appointed space on Margaret River’s main strip.

Hayter and his small team work from an open kitchen with chefs serving part of the set menu that is by Hayter’s own admission “snack heavy.” But then, who doesn’t love snacks? Expect riffs on a crab salad with toasted brioche, good butter and whatever crab is in season within local waters. Hayter may be dry ageing dhufish landed at Augusta, or fresh western rock lobster. The message here is expect the best, Hayter always having an eye out for what’s local, in season, and the best expression of the region.