A New Orleans-style boozer with history and great drinks at the centre.

With a personality steeped in history, Clarences Company Store does well to thrust its drinks and service into the now with a liberal offering of cocktails that traverse the familiar and the idiosyncratic. Inspired by New Orleans culture, some libations, like a Hurricane heightened with orange and fresh passionfruit, playfully fall within that theme. A Company Sour shoots straight and classic, but a Criollo Manhattan impresses with the addition of cocoa and mint – an elating take on a stiff drink. Food leans small-plated and shareable (think corn ribs or fried chicken) and the clipped wine list is a jumble of Australian and Euro drops. Dimly lit and suited for casual catch ups, Clarences keeps things approachable, offering comfort in familiarity, but showing that this fan favourite still has plenty left to give.