Descend into bar-owner Andy Freeman’s gritty basement and discover what Salvador Dali would do with a little horse after a couple of margarita slushies.

Yes, the life-size black horse sculpture, a hang-over from the previous owners, still takes pride of place at this stylish venue. Caballitos means little horses in Spanish. As for those margarita slushies… at $18 a pop, they are a bargain and the best in town.

Plastic plates and plywood cutlery don’t take the cool out of this kick-ass Mexican street food bar with its head-spinning décor of skulls, nativity scenes, chicken wire and lattice. No one does a modern bar mise-en-scene like Freeman. It’s total madness.

Foodwise, the small menu focuses on bar snacks and light plates, such as pork tacos, especially on Taco Tuesdays, when they’re just $5 each. Need some stress relief? Go on Wednesdays and you can belt a pinata until your arms hurt. There are 200-plus tequilas and mezcals on offer and for the brave, a spot of pole dancing (with the devil) in a red-lit side bar called the Chapel of Sin.

We love the El Papus mix of pulled porkserved on a tray. Definitely to be taken with a pinch of salt.