Budburst is a gem – a true local where guests are known by name and their drinks order is on the bar as they step in the door. Being a regular here must be nice.

The owner of this little shopfront bar is Rachael Niall. She knows more than a thing or two about wine. Budburst is a wine-centric venue with food and mixed drinks built around the wine program. Niall’s wine list is always exciting. She is a sommelier and knows her way around both old and new worlds with skill.

The bar menu is comprehensive and easy on the wallet. Chef Lesle’s charcuterie is worth driving across town for. Larger dishes include the fetching seared scallops with cauliflower mousseline, pork belly sausage and chestnuts and free-range chicken galantine with king oyster mushrooms, muscatels and harissa. You can taste and see his French training in everything he cooks – his plates are well-disciplined and restrained