While the Print Hall has seen its ups and downs in recent years – closing its fine diner amid increased CBD competition – Apple Daily has been a constant. A pan-Asian menu, the foundations of which were originally laid by WA notable David Coomer back in 2012, is designed for quick comfort. Sweet, hot, sticky and hands-on characterise this one-stop Asian shop.

If you squint, you could be in a Hong Kong diner. The walls are papered in the pages of Hong Kong’s Apple Daily newspaper and there’s both neon and noise to add to the Asian feel. Service is bright and knowledgeable. Staff are happy to chime in with a recommendation or two and to guide diners to make sure they don’t over-order. Which is easy here. Besides, is there such a thing as too much sticky pork?

There’s few dishes as handsome as the miang of silken tofu, a Thai street food dish loaded on to betel leaves. Grapefruit, tamarind and peanuts play their part in texture and flavour. Sweet and sour explosions all round. Stretchy roast duck buns are the epitome of the smashable Asian starter.

The sweet, salty heat of pippies in XO sauce plays perfectly against Print Hall’s extensive selection of frosty beers on tap. The Asian-friendly wine list is no slouch either. Good fun, noise and spectacle and simple, accessible and bold Asian street flavours are the Apple Daily story.