The Asian street food trend is hardly a new thing, but Perth got on board the minute it arrived. Many have tried, some have come and gone, but Apple Daily has been a stayer.

Named after Hong Kong’s popular daily newspaper, Apple Daily sits comfortably inside one of Perth’s most iconic heritage buildings and between two bars, popular rooftop Bob’s Bar and Print Hall Bar which occupies the vast space below.

Laos-style raw Kingfish is a dish of wondrous flavour and texture. Silky yet firm and the perfect balance of salty, sweet and sour thanks to its coconut, chilli and lime notes. Its accompanying rice crisps are a delightful addition: thinner than an Olsen twin these hand-size crisps make the ideal scoop for the fish. Saltwater duck is packed with punchy Asian flavour and comes with house-made flower buns, hoisin and cucumber salad. Waitstaff know their booze. Choose from an Asian(ish) cocktail list with spices like coriander and cinnamon, and flavours like kaffir lime, coconut, pandan and bamboo creating the ideal drink to pair with Asian flavours. Wines roam around the world and there’s a decent beer selection too.

Apple Daily heaves on weekend evenings and is popular with business folks for the $20 ‘express’ Monday to Thursday lunch. For the best Asian street food in town, Apple Daily is still super on trend.