The Chef Of The Year is an exceptional professional. He or she is an individual who cooks sublimely, plating up food is memorable, creative and generous. His or her food cooked with blindingly-good technique, but without the distractions of gimmicks or pointless tricks. Above all, the Chef Of The Year must be able to design individual dishes and balanced, thoughtful menus that are beyond compare.

The Chef Of The Year plates up dishes you talk about for days after eating it. It is destination food. It is clever food that uses well-sourced produce. The Chef Of The Year is unafraid of simplicity, preferring minimal intervention – letting “the produce speak for itself” as they say.

Our Chef Of The Year for 2017 embodies all these things. His vegetables in particular are spectacular and yet he hasn’t placed a vegetable order with an outside supplier in over a year. He sources proteins locally and has first-hand relationships with the farmers and producers who supply his kitchen. Most importantly, his food is wonderful.

The West Australian Good Food Guide Chef Of The Year, presented by Winnings Appliances, is Guy Jeffreys from Millbrook Wines.

Interested in knowing more about Jeffrey’s? Take a look at our interview with Guy while he was happily picking broad bean shoots after finishing a busy lunch service.

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